2D Silver Earrings: Gold Coated Triangles



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Collartz presents Lilian Syrigou original 2D Silver Earrings Collection, with Silver Earrings of different shapes…

Collartz presents the Collections 2D Earrings by the Greek Artist Lilian Syrigou, based in Berlin. Lilian adores Silver and crafts and every piece of unique jewelry is made by hand. She paints it, then combines it with colorful ribbons and semi-precious stones. Lilian draws her inspiration by what she admires, enjoys, makes her dream, makes her feel like a child, and what grounds her back to reality. No matter what, its square logic.

Lilian Syrigou surprises us with her original 2D Silver Earrings Collection, with Silver Earrings of varrying shapes and colors. Sometimes they are two rectangles, squares, circles, half-moons, or a combination of two shapes. Here we suggest the 2D Silver Earrings, with two Gold Coated Triangles that are 3 cm high and 2 cm wide.

As with the entire 2D Collection, one piece is placed in the front, and the other in the rear of the ear. Creating a very unique Flowing sensation. Collartz invites you to enjoy this versatile Collection, by combining the Earrings both in shape and color, and to feel even more free than ever.



  • Made by Lilian Syrigou
  • Handmade
  • Style: 2D
  • Feeling: Flow
  • Hight: 3 cm
  • Width: 3 cm
  • Material: Silver
  • Adjustable: No
  • Gift Message: Available

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