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A Brooch: A Must Have Accessory for Every Woman

Lamai Brooch -- collection of red ad white brooches

A Brooch: A Must Have Accessory for Every Woman

A brooch is an accessory that many of us tend to neglect or antiquate, yet it is one of the simplest ways to elevate your outfit and make you look ever so sophisticated. Many iconic women, including Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Midleton, Michelle Obama, and Salma Hayek, are often spotted wearing a brooch. Personally, I find brooches to be an incredibly fun and versatile piece of accessory. Instead of buying multiple pieces of clothing or accessories, I find that brooches are a more sustainable way of changing up what I wear. I love using them to add colour or elegance to plain and simple hats, clothes, handbags, and shoes — they are an incredibly easy and inexpensive way to add oomph to any outfit of yours. Brooches are also a stylish way to make clothes fit better. Not only that, but a brooch can be the perfect way to express your unique self. 

My Favourite Ways to Style a Brooch

Add a brooch to a little black dress or, indeed, any dress

I love placing a brooch on the strap or shoulder area of my dresses. If my dress is a little bit too big or I want to make a flowy dress a little more snug, I gather some of the extra fabric and pin it with a brooch on the side or centre of my waistline. These also work great on skirts!

Collartz brooch on a dress
On my V-Neck Blouses

Whenever I want to look more conservative or wear an open v neck blouse to work or a formal event, I love adding a brooch at the bottom of the v to make the v cut less deep.  


To Add Glam to my Ponytails and Bandanas

I love attaching a brooch to a plain hair tie. It definitely elevates my ponytails and hair buns! Brooches are also a simple way to decorate and elevate a plain bandana.


To Accessorize my Scarves

Scarves are another versatile accessory: they can be worn around the neck, turned into a skirt or a top, used to cover your head, etc. I love using a brooch to hold my scarves into place or help me keep them in one piece. Not only that, but it also accessorizes the scarf, making it look so much more stylish. 


To Elevate my Jeans

A brooch can easily make my jeans look more fun and chic. I usually place them on the front pocket or the back pocket of my jeans.


To Glam up a Plain Belt

Whenever I wear a simple or plain belt, it sometimes get boring, so I attach a brooch to it. This quickly transforms it into a sophisticated piece, and I find this a lot easier and cheaper than buying a new belt.


Add it to a Fabric Clutch, Purse, or Bag

I love upstyling a simple fabric bag, clutch, or purse, that is starting to look rather dull, with a brooch or two. This quickly gives them a second life.


On a Coat, Jacket, Cardigan, or Sweater

Whenever I have a plain piece of clothing, I love to elevate it by adding a brooch. I especially love putting a brooch on the lapel or collar of a blazer, polo, coat, or jacket.

Collartz brooch on blazer lapel
To Personalize my Shoes

Whenever I want to make my shoes stand out a little bit more, I just attach a brooch onto them. I try to keep the brooches for the left and right shoe similarly styled. People always compliment my shoes whenever I do this! 


To Accessorize my Gloves

When it’s cold out and I have to wear gloves, I can never wear rings. Instead, I add a brooch on the glove wrist. I make sure to choose a brooch that attracts attention but doesn’t get in my way.


Those were a couple on my favourite ways of styling brooches. Share with us your favourite ways of styling your brooches!  I love brooches so much because they are an incredibly versatile accessory. Collartz has an amazing collection of brooches that can be worn from day to night. Without a doubt, our brooches will add an effortless elevation to all of your looks, surely impressing all your admirers.

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