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Spaniards are more preoccupied with Jennifer Lopez than Wedding Rings

Spaniards are more preoccupied with Jennifer Lopez than Wedding Rings

Jennifer Lopez or Cardi B Rings?

Searches are a powerful tool to understand what interests, preoccupies or delights Web Surfers. When analyzing search patterns for Jewels, I often come across very curious facts. As I was looking at Rings searchs in Google Trends, I noticed  that 9 or the top 10 searches for the word “Ring” in Spanish, are related to Jennifer Lopez “El Anillo pa cuando” (When is that ring for?). Not even one is linked to a Wedding Ring!

And what about the States? The first 2 top searches are related to Cardi B Song “Ring”. Then, lots of interest for Wedding Rings, but related to celebs as Paris Hilton, Meghan Markle or Hailey Baldwin.

When searching for “Rings” in plural, on the other hand, in the US, the top 2 searches is to understand what do the Olympic Rings mean. In case you wondered, they represent the 5 Continents.

In Spain, that same search are performed to know more about The Lord of the Rings TV Show, positions 2 to 5 of the Top 5 searches.

Finally, in the US, when comparing searches on Jewels most common categories, Rings gets a 77% share, whereas in Spain it only reaches a 33%.

Rings vs Brooches. Why so much prejudices?

The least searched for are Brooches. And I would like to vindicate Brooches. I have selected many of them, for From sustainable geometric Brooches made of Water Buffalo Horn, to very resistant ones, made of Ceramic Paste. Or those magic ones, evoking full moon nights, created with Mexico Taxco Silver, by local artisans. Whatever the style or material, they all are very special Jewels.

“Lo menos buscados, son los Broches``

You’ll be surprised by how much they can improve your outfit. With no chords, you can place them in special corners, and simply enjoy that very special touch of color and / or sophistication they carry. I am wearing more and more Brooches. And always get compliments for them. Stop the prejudice, and long live the Brooches!

Broches de Diseño Collartz Home
Broches de cerámica esmaltada a mano Lamai
Collartz Broches Mystic Maya

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