Collartz brings to you a wide selection of Bracelets with magnetic clasps, of different materials and great elegance and style. Come and see them all!!!


      On a trip to Munich, we discovered the bracelets of the firm FlowersForZoé. In Collartz, we are fond of their great beauty, finesse and quality. They are handmade only with the best French leather, which is also used in exclusive designer handbags.

      On our website, you will find a magnificent selection of bracelets for girls, men and women. All have in common the great taste for the combination of colors, the perfection of their finishes and the magnetic claps that created by the founder of the firm, Carolina Delemazure. Thanks to two magnets, putting on and taking off the bracelets will be extremely simple. As you will see, the magnets are strong, enabling you to close the Bracelet nice and easy. And to remove it, just slide the magnets sideways and voila, it’s off!


      Modern and original Bracelets

      Here at Collartz you will find a wide variety of multithread Leather Bracelets created by Flowers for Zoé, sometimes decorated with a metal tube bathed in gold and rose gold. We also offer the iconic Julia Bracelet, made of a strip of Leather and two strips of a delicate chain. Or Nolah, composed by a strip and a half of Leather, and another strip and a half of chain, united by an elegant ring, all bathed in gold. You can choose pink gold, but we encourage you to give yellow and silver gold a try. Our Collartz Bracelets Collections can be worn individually or combining several of them. They are so beautiful that you will not want to take them off, as it happens to us too!

      We also showcase the Greek Leather Bracelets from Marina Panagiotoulia. We are so excited by her 7PM Leather Collection!. Whether you combine these Bracelets with her Long Leather Necklaces, or enjoy them without other accessories, the delicate texture and satin effect will captivate you immediately. In the Palo Alto Design Market, in Barcelona, ??these bracelets were like a magnet for many of the visitors.


      Are you looking for Silver accessories?

      At Collartz we are also fans of Silver accessories, as the Full Moon Bracelet, created with the best Mexican Silver by the silversmiths of Taxco. This Bracelet wraps your forearm in a kind of hug, while it takes you to the magical nights of the Mexican beaches.

      Another option is the Silver 4 laps Bracelet by the Italian artist Valentina Laganá. An authentic wonder that looks like a Moebius ribbon, endless, that goes round and round around your wrist, bringing a touch of sophistication, elegance and lightness. This bracelet is also available in scratch finished brass, with slightly wider bands, but equally seductive. Many are the clients who ask us which one to choose. And the

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