Breath of Wind Costa Rei Choker


Collartz presents the Breath of Wind Costa Rei Choker, inspired by my dear Sardinia. This is…

Breath of Wind Costa Rei Choker

Let me introduce you the Breath of Wind Sail Costa Rei Choker, inspired by my dear Sardinia.

The Breath of Wind Collection showcases Blown Murano Glass Necklaces and Chokers that evoke soap bubbles. I draw my inspiration in Sardinia as a whole. This ancient island has more to offer than its renowned coastline. I encouraged you to visit it and experience its traditions, flavours and smells personally.

This is the Choker version, that can be worn as a Choker or a Necklace, thanks to its three closing clasp positions. Breath of Wind Costa Rei Choker stems from my infinite love for Sardinia Coast. Like the one of Costa Rein, in the Muravera area located in the South East of Sardinia. Renowned for its delicious oranges and, even more, for its astonishing beaches. Peppino’s Rock is one of the most emblematic ones. A 99 m of granite rock surrounded by crystalline, pristine waters. It seems that the Wind wanted to showcase its skills, when shaping the rock with great beauty. So, my Breath of Wind Costa Rei evokes these transparent sea waters and the orange shades of Muravera’s fruit.

To this crystalline and perfumed coast of my Sardinia, I dedicate my Collartz.

Breath of Wind Costa Rei is made of 19 transparent blown glass pearls of 14mm. It also has 12 transparent orange Crystal beads. It is adjustable to a diameter of 13 or 15 cm.

Indulge in Breath of Wind reflections of pure glass. I can promise that everyone will want to touch your Collartz to see if it is real or if they are soap bubbles. Get your favourite version now!



  • Made by Lidia Pitzalis
  • Handmade
  • Style: Minimalist
  • Feeling: Warmth
  • Diameter: 13/15 cm
  • Material: Murano Glass
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Gift Message: Yes

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