Collartz offers many beautiful brooches of different materials and colors, for you and to give, that will add yet another smart touch to your amazing look!!

      Broches Collection

      Brooches are back in fashion. It is a fact that we have observed in different fairs, design markets and catwalks. They are no longer the grannie’s old-fashioned present.

      From Dior to the new artists, the fashion industry is claiming a place for design Brooches.

      So we encourage you to take a look at this new trend, because brooches are back to stay.

      They may be the most versatile piece of Jewelry of them all. You can put them exactly where you wish. Or where your creativity suggests. You can even use them as pendants and place them just below the neckline. You can also use them as if they were a belt buckle. A trend to spot closely.

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