We create the line of Silver Chokers with Recycled rubber of bicycles’ inner-tubes, from a shop nearby, here in Barcelona. And in addition, we do them with the inmates of the women’s prison in Barcelona. Because we believe in second uses of the materials and second opportunities for people.

      Collections of Design Chokers

      Choose your favorite Chokers among many different colors, styles and materials! From Murano Glass to Leather, Silver, Brass, Lava Stones and many others!!!

      Within the Design Chokers we showcase an endless number of Murano Glass Chokers. It is our Soffio di Vento Collection, that seduces by its originality. Every time our customers wear a Soffio di Vento, they attract the curiosity of their fans who cannot avoid touching this Choker, as it seems to be made of soap bubbles. All are inspired by the most magical beaches and places of Sardinia, land of our founder and creator of Soffio di Vento, Lidia Pitzalis.

      In our store you will find numerous Silver Chokers, both those of Mexican Silver, that dazzle with its special glow that evokes the moon.  Finally, the Italian Silver Chokers combined with warm red Enameled Copper hearts.

      And you, which one will you choose today? As always, choosing only one is a difficult task.

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