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    • Lava Rossa Choker


      Collartz presents Lava Rossa, a Choker made with Lava Stones and a bright Murano Glass red heart. Lava Rossa is light and strong, energic and bright. With a 15 cm diameter, it is made with Lava Stones from the Sicilian Etna Volcano. This Lava basalt is then heated at very high temperature in special ovens that transform it into a light material, almost alive, that conveys the energy of Mother Earth. And this is what you will feel when wearing Lava Rossa. The pearls are combined with a bright red Murano’s Glass heart of polished feeling. A captivating Jewel that will capture your admirer’s attention and make you feel absolutely astonishing. Also available in its Gloss and Wheels version!

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    Lava Rossa is our most beloved and sold Lava Necklace. Lava Rossa is made with Lava pearls, taken 10,000 metres below the Etna volcano and a brilliant Murano glass heart that will make you fall in love.

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