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Collartz presents Clipseam, a unique gadget to hold glasses. Its main function is to help you have…

Collartz presents Clipseam, a unique gadget to hold glasses. Its main function is to help you have your glasses always at hand, but NO in your hands or head, where they end becoming loser on the sticks. It can be used both with eyeglasses and sunglasses. Clipseam is a different and ingenious gadget, both for you, and to give.

Clipseam is made of zamak, coated in rodium, and comes in different colors and finish. It is a very high quality gadget, with a competitive price. It displays two powerful magnets that provide total security, both if you use Clipseam with thin fabrics, or with a thinner jacket.

Don’t use it if you have a pacemakers or defibrillator.

Instructions for use:

1. Place the back plate inside the clothes in the desired position.
2. Position the outer support so that it attaches to the magnetic back plate
3. Place the eyeglass pin on the stand, or your headphones or your identification card.

Security warnings
Keep out of the reach of children: Children should not be allowed to handle the Clipseam, they may present a choking hazard and, if swallowed, may cause injury or death.

Pacemakers and defibrillators: This product uses magnets and should not be used if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator.

Washing and drying machines: Do not wash your clothes with the Clipseam, it could damage your clothes and damage the accessory.


  • Made by Enso Jewelry
  • Style: Innovative
  • Feeling: Technology
  • Length: 4 cm
  • Width; 2.3 cm
  • Material: Zamak, coated in rodium
  • Closing: Magnetic
  • Adjustable: No
  • Gift Message: Available

Plateado con Lava, Blanco, Negro


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