Collartz Air Flamingo Pink Silver Earrings


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1 in stock

Collartz  presents the Collartz Air Flamingo Pink Silver Earrings. They are made of a 0.9 mm Sterling Silver wire, decorated with a 0.5 cm Murano Glass Pink Pearl, a 0.5 cm Lava Pearl and two small Murano glass beads. In addition, they have two strips of recycled rubber 2 cm by 6. For its design, Lidia has been inspired by her beloved Flamingos. These elegant pink birds spend long periods in Sardinia, where they take advantage of the good weather, before they migrate to Africa. Although many of them have their permanent residence there since 1993 and can be admired in protected parks such as the Molentargiu pond, near the capital of the island.

Inspired by Sardinian Flamingos

The essential shape of the Collartz Air Flamenco Pink Silver Earrings, in combination with the pink tones and the two “black wings”, evoke these spectacular birds in flight, at sunset. Moment in which you can admire them all their majesty, with the pink of their body and the black of the lower part of their wings. The Collartz Air Flamenco Pink Silver Earrings can be combined with the Collartz Air Flamingo Necklace, from the same Collection, or worn alone. Be that as it may, their magic is guaranteed.


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