Collartz Air Tangara Orange Silver Earrings


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1 in stock

Collartz  presents the Collartz Air Tangara Orange Silver Earrings. They are made of a 0.9 mm Sterling Silver wire, decorated with a 0.5 cm Murano Glass Orange Pearl, a 0.5 cm Lava Pearl and two small Murano glass beads. In addition, they have two strips of recycled rubber 2 cm by 6.

For its design, Lidia has been inspired by these small birds that she met on her two trips to Bolivia, where she spent several weeks in the Parque del Madidi, one of the wildest and most seductive corners of the world. The essential shape of the Collartz Orange Tangara Silver Silver Earrings, in combination with the amber tones and the two “black wings”, evoke the small bird of the Andes, whose wings have black stripes.

One of the first times that Lidia saw them was from the top of a cliff in the Bolivian jungle, where many exotic birds could be seen flying high over the trees and the mighty Madidi River. The Collartz Air Tangara Orange Silver Earrings can be combined with the Air Tangara Necklace, from the same Collection, or worn alone. Whether alone or with the Necklace, they will transmit all the mystical energy of the jungle.


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