Brass Necklaces

    Brass is one of the most surprising materials used in Contemporary Design Jewels. Whether hammered or scratch-finished, we hope you will like these designs as much as we do. Check them out!

      Brass Necklaces Collection

      Here you will find numerous Brass Necklaces, a fascinating material with a unique shine effect.

      Among my favourites are the Ex Novo Brass Necklaces. Designed and made in Greece, these Necklaces come with an adjustable black leather thread, to suit any kind of look.

      Our Brass Necklaces will make you stand out both at night and during the day, conveying that Greek elegance of classic style and contemporary design. When I decided to fund Collartz, I went to numerous fairs and in the second one, in Madrid, I fell in love at first sight with these Brass Necklaces. A material I had never even noticed, suddenly fascinated me.

      It Italy I found the creations of Valentina Laganà, which I have always admired and who I was a client for years. Valentina has seduced me with her Mama Africa and Wilma Collection, from which I have selected her two-round Brass Necklace, with the matching Ring and Earrings. And what about her wonderful Bracelet? I wear it all the time myself.

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