Long Necklaces

    Do you fancy more Chokers or Long Necklaces? Maybe it depends on your style? In Collartz we feature many models of Long Necklaces of different materials, all of them ethereal and light, that will adjust to you like a glove. Choose yours!

      Long Necklaces Collection

      In this section you will find Long Fashion Necklaces of different materials, always made under the values of Collartz: by hand, with love, using sustainable materials and processes and respecting the Slow principles.

      Select your preferred versatile and ethereal Long Metal Necklaces handmade by Roberto Leonardi, who combines the old-world icons with clean contemporary lines.

      Why not take a look at Women's Long Necklaces made with skin scraps by the talented Greek designer Marina Panagiotoulia? Get ready to be seduced by its velvety touch, its satin sheen and ethereal feeling.

      Finally, a classical Greek elegance combined with a contemporary design is what defines Ex Novo's Long Brass Necklaces. Combined with leather strips and its mastery in the art of hammered Brass, they are adjustable and versatile, so you can wear them with different, but always unique, looks like you.

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