Mesh Necklaces

    Here you will find Necklaces with a personality of their own. I always say that these materials speak to me and become what they wished, with their sinuousness and elegance of an original material that will not pass unnoticed. Find your favorite one!

      Mesh Necklaces Collection

      Let us introduce you to the Collection of Mesh Necklaces, starting with the handmade creations of our admired Lilian Syrigou, a Greek artist based in Berlin. They are multi-threaded, in blue or earth tones, combined with metal elements.

      The mastery of the Italian artist Elena Valenti stands out in the handmade Mesh Necklaces that we love here at Collartz. Fabric is combined with the discrete shine of colored pearls in her Multi-threaded Necklaces and Chokers with a unique personality.

      Did you know that these fabrics are indomitable and that they express themselves as if they were alive, so that each one is unique and different? I have never managed to repeat a design in my own Nuvole Collection (clouds), with mesh and Murano Glass pearls.

      Some are sideways, others centred, and if you turn them upside down, they change yet again. Whatever Necklace you choose, it will have been created with love, for you and for the environment. We hope you like it and enjoy it.

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