Silver Necklaces

    • 2 stripes Silver Choker Necklace


      This refined and elegant Chocker handmade by Valentina Laganà, will surprise you with its ephemerality. It’s shape and contrast between the two stripes, allows this necklace to float upon your neck, increasing even more, your natural gracefulness, with ease. It is uncommon to find silver jewels created with such talent and elegance, as the Wilma Collection. Wether you combine it with the Silver Scratched Finished ring and bracelets, or wear it on its own, it is going to be difficult to take it off! Ideal for very special occasions. It is 15 cms long, 16 cm wide and 1,3 cm height. Available also in Scratched Brass.

    Discover the Mexican Silver Necklaces of Mystic Maya and the Italian Valentina Laganà. The elegance of tradition updated with a highly attractive contemporary design.

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