Collartz has selected these Earrings among the Collections of artists around the world, as they fit the versatility and elegance that Collartz offers you!

      Collection of Design Earrings

      In Collartz we have created and selected numerous Design Earrings for you. From the Curved Hoops or the 5 Hoop Earrings of the Italian Valentina Laganá, to the brand new Murano Glass Earrings created by Lidia Pitzalis.

      Fashion earrings

      We even have them with a detail of fuchsia Leather o elegant combinations of Silver and Brass. Not to mention the 2D Earrings, which can be worn in 5 different ways. They are designed to sublimate your style and can be combined with other Collartz. Although some Earrings have so much personality that are better worn with nothing else.

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