Silver Earrings

    In our Collection of Silver Earrings you will find versatile creations, ranging from Statement Earrings to minimal creations that add a touch of light to your daily style. Which one will you choose today?

      Silver Earrings Collection

      The Silver Earrings respond to the Collartz principles of lightness and Slow design, in addition to versatility.

      The 5 Hoop Silver Earrings, for example, can be worn in 3 different ways, each one more captivating.

      And the 2D Silver Earrings? Created with essential geometric shapes, they can be worn in 5 different ways.

      If you preferred the minimal style, we have several proposals of small Hoop Earrings and points of light such as the Sun and Moon Silver Earrings, also gold plated.

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