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Emerald Green Light Thread

Emerald Green Light Thread is an extremely elegant, ephemeral and delicate Choker with green pearls in black mesh tubes. It has been created by Elena Valenti, a great teacher of the fabric and with a past as a theatrical costume designer. Her Necklaces follow the shape of the body and dress us as if they were clothes. Contemporary jewels of great impact and taste.


Meet Emerald Green Light Thread from the Light Thread series, by designer Elena Valenti. These are ephemeral and delicate Necklaces with pearls of bright colours in black mesh tubes.

Elena, a great master of fabric and with a past as a theatrical costume designer, creates contemporary Jewels of great impact. Her Necklaces follow the shape of the body and are worn as if they were clothing.

The Emerald Green version not only evokes the precious stone, but also nature. According to colour theory, it can represent a new beginning and a time of growth. It also means renewal and abundance.

Emerald Green Light Thread is made up of 4 tubes of tubular mesh with acrylic beads that intertwine in an elegant design. It has a diameter between 13 and 14 cm and an adjustable closure with 3 positions, to adapt perfectly to your décolleté.
You will love it so much that you will want to have various Light Thread colours!



  • Made by Elena Valenti
  • Handmade
  • Style: Ephemeral
  • Feeling: Light
  • Diameter: 13-14cm
  • Material: Black thread with green acrylic pearls
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Gift Message: Available

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