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Lava Rossa Nature Choker

Lava Rossa Nature is a natural Lava pearl Choker featuring our unique Red Murano Glass heart, on a 925 Silver thread. It is a creation by Lidia Pitzalis that brings together the best of the South and North of Italy. Lava Rossa Nature vibrates with all the energy of the Earth, thanks to the properties of Lava. And it will make you fall in love!


Collartz introduces Lava Rossa Nature, a Choker made with natural Lava Stones and our bright Murano Glass red heart.

It is a creation by Lidia Pitzalis that unites the best of the South and North of Italy. The Lava Rossa Choker is made with Lava pearls dug at 10,000 meters below the Etna volcano and a shining Murano Glass heart handmade, which will make you fall in love.

Lava is considered the “stone of reconstruction”, and is linked to strength and courage. It seems to help cast off negative emotions and reconnect with joie de vivre and spontaneity.

The Choker is made of 925 Silver and a very comfortable magnetic clasp.

Lava Rossa is lightness, strength, energy and luminosity. With a diameter of 15 cm, it is composed of lava stone pearls from Etna. Very light and almost alive, the lava pearls give us all the energy of the Earth. And that is what you will feel, when wearing your Lava Rossa. The warm Lava pearls are combined with the polished feel of our Murano Glass Red Heart.

A totally captivating combination that will make you reap compliments, wherever you go.



  • Made by Lidia Pitzalis
  • Handmade
  • Style: Minimalist
  • Feeling: Warmth
  • Diameter: 15 cm
  • Material: Sterling Silver, Lava Stones and Murano Glass
  • Adjustable: No
  • Gift Message: Yes

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    Collartz presents Lava Rossa Maxi, a Design Necklace made with Lava Stones and a bright Murano Glass red heart. Lava Rossa is light and strong, energic and bright. With a 150 cm diameter, it is made with Lava Stones from the Sicilian Etna Volcano. This Lava basalt is then heated at very high temperature in special ovens that transform it into a light material, almost alive, that conveys the energy of Mother Earth. And this is what you will feel when wearing Lava Rossa.   The pearls are combined with a bright red Murano’s Glass heart of polished feeling. A captivating Jewel that will capture your admirer’s attention and make you feel absolutely astonishing. I invite you to wear it always in a different way, depending on how you feel and what you are wearing. It will for sure surprise you with its versatility.

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