Micro Earrings Noah Passion

Collartz presents the Micro Earrings Noah Passion, by FlowersForZoÉ, tiny Earrings of Magenta Leather and…

FlowerForZoÉ stems from the collaboration between the brand founder, Caroline Delemazure and her friend and Co-Owner Le Clerq. This French company based in Lille creates very elegant Jewelry in their Nothern France Ateliers and distributes them across 5 Continents. Caroline and Marine are seduced by harmony of colors and the fine French materials they use to make their Jewels. Collartz presents a wide selection of Bracelets for Women, Men and Girls, as well as Earrings and Necklaces for Women and Girls.

Micro Earrings Noah Passion, by FlowersForZoÉ are tiny Earrings of Magenta Leather and Gold-Coated Brass of 1 cm, with a pression clasp. They are very delicate Collartz that frame our face with a dot of light. Really precious.



  • Made by FlowersForZoé
  • Handmade
  • Style: Minimalistic
  • Feeling: Classy
  • Diameter: 1 cm
  • Material: Gold-Coated Brass (1 micron) and Leather
  • Closing: Pression
  • Adjustable: No
  • Gift Message: Available

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