In Collartz you will find your favourite Pendants of different materials, as Silver, Brass, Enameled Copper, in different colors and style to match your personality and taste.

      Pendants Collection

      In Collartz we are fans of Design Pendants that obey to our values of versatility, originality, ethereal and light. Always handmade under the principles of Slow Design, created with love, for you.

      We feature the Silver Pendants fromTaxco, Mexico, with their unique glow. But we also have other original Design Pendants for women, such as the Enameled Copper Donuts, with bright colors, made in Italy. They are long and adjustable, to adapt perfectly to your style and neckline.

      Finally, the Greek Jewelry Pendants. They are Brass Pendants combined with black leather strings, which seem almost suspended, causing great sensation. The Brass Squared Pendant, among them, is the most sold version.

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