Pina’s Dots Necklace

Collartz presents the Recycled Rubber Necklace: Pina’s Dots. Just like other TUN Necklaces, it fits…

Collartz presents the Brazilian Recycled Rubber Necklaces made by TUN. Lina Menna Barreto and Mauro Fuke handmade this Collection inspired by Pop Art, Street Art and the 80’s. TUN makes gorgeous, lightweight, and contemporary sustainable Necklaces from recycled Rubber that fits all body shapes like a glove.

The TUN Collection featured buy Collartz showcases 3 extraordinary black Rubber Necklaces made of Brazilian recycled Rubber.  They are gorgeous, lightweight, trendy, super resistant, durable and waterproof, you can wear them in the pool, in the shower and in the sea. And take great care of them, by washing them with water and soap, and avoiding spraying them with perfumes.

This is the Recycled Rubber Necklace: Pina’s Dots. It is made by 7 threads and 4, 2cm dots. This very special Jewel fits perfectly around your neck and Collartz recommends wearing it over bare skin. It has a diameter of 12 cm and a length of 9 cm. Not recommended to those with a Latex allergy.


  • Created by TUN
  • Handmade
  • Style: Rubber
  • Feeling: Second Skin
  • Neck diameter: 12 cm
  • Length: 9 cm
  • Material: Recycled Brazilian Rubber
  • Message for presents: Available

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