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Will you dare dreaming?

Collartz by Lidia Pitzalis. This is me.

Collartz by Lidia Pitzalis

My first Jewelry expo. Here, at Novo BIjoux boot.

Introducing Collartz by Lidia Pitzalis

Let me introduce you Collartz by Lidia Pitzalis, a Collection of Sustainable Design Jewelry, created by Artists from all over the world, with love, for you. In Collartz you can find creations that I, Lidia Pitzalis, have made, exploring materials that have always fascinated me, such as the Murano glass. And constantly looking for sustainable and recyclable materials. That's why I'm developing a line with recycled plastic from the sea. Wish me luck, because it is not a path of roses.
I travel around the world, collaborating in volunteer projects, focused especially on the conservation of the territory and the empowerment of people. And in my travels, I look for sustainable materials, such as recycled rubber from Brazil, from which I propose the TUN Collection. Or the KiKKO brooches, made with recycled buffalo horn from Cambodia. I also try to include only designers who create their creations by hand, whenever possible, in collaboration with expert artisans from developing countries, such as the Mystic Maya line, made only with Taxco silver in Mexico.

Lead by this sustainable spirit, I have created the Collartz Air Necklaces, combining recycled inner tubes that I cut by hand, with Murano Glass pearls, a Silver wire and a Silver coated magnet closing clasp.

Collartz Mission is to bet on Sustainable Design Jewelry. For this reason, since October of 2017 I gave a radical turn to my life. After twelve years of work in Technology Marketing and Product Management at Microsoft, I decided to make to myself the greatest gift possible: to go around the world and get a perspective.
A trip abroad, to explore countries as fascinating as Brazil, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Indonesia and many more. But above all, a trip to the interior. What did I want to do? What was my true passion? Did I want to continue working in a multinational? .... What if? What if, suddenly, I could go create my own path? Thus, Collartz was born.
Logo Collartz Joyas Sostenibles de Diseño

Collartz Mission

Bet on Sustainable Design Jewelry that becomes pure beauty. Made with recycled materials. Always looking for designers that make their creations by hand, whenever possible, in collaboration with expert craftsmen from developing countries. And developing our own line of Design Jewelry with recycled plastic from the sea.

Bring Beauty closer to those who value it, through the creation and selection of Necklaces and other sustainable, original and unique Design Accessories that make those who wear them feel even more irresistible than ever. With balanced prices and the aim of expanding the collection with more pieces, always timeless, design, ethereal and versatile. Jewels to use daily and not only on special occasions.

Collartz Brand

For us, the Collartz brand is sustainable, exciting, authentic, energetic, vibrant, always current, creative and innovative. It has a level of sophistication within reach of many and is inclusive and not elitist. It is curious, creative and imaginative and dreams of a more sustainable world. It is adventurous, seductive and very curious. It strives to leave a less contaminating footprint every day and to discover sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, which also give back value to the communities that created and / or recycled them.

Collartz Vision

Becoming a benchmark for Necklaces and other sustainable, original and unique Design Jewelry, the majority being created by Lidia Pitzalis, with recycled materials. Affordable for those who want to complement their style with pieces of Jewelry carefully designed, handmade and with taste, that are not easily found and that allow to express the multifaceted personality of those who wear a Collartz.

Collartz Values














Lidia Pitzalis, Fundadora de Collartz,

Sustainable Design Jewelry

Collartz is a collection of Design Necklaces and Accessories chosen with love by me, Lidia Pitzalis, for you. Some of them I make, such as Lava Rossa, Collartz Air and Breath of Wind Collections. The rest I find in my travelling around the world. They were created by very talented artists, who use the best materials and all their exquisite taste and design.
My mission is to bring beauty to those who value it. I hope you will find many Collartz Jewels that make you feel even more irresistible than ever. And also find special gifts for those you love most.

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