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Will you dare dreaming?

Collartz by Lidia Pitzalis. This is me.

Collartz Lidia Pitzalis Lava Rossa Maxi

My latest creation: Lava Rossa Maxi

My obsession: Sustainable Design Jewelry. Why?

Until now, my career had been synonymous with technology. After working in the European Apple Developer Program in Edinburgh, in the Multimedia Technical Service of Macromedia, also in Edinburgh, and co-founding the videogame magazine GamesReview, in Madrid, I was one of the responsible for the Communication, Marketing and Product Management of the Microsoft Consumer Division in Spain.

I consider myself a restless traveler, I have always combined the exploration of the most recondite places, with volunteering experiences in an endless number of projects with children, conservation of the territory, marine conservation and animals in danger of extinction.

The conservation of the territory and the sea are my priority. It amazes me that even in large companies with supposedly sensible and educated people, recycling is not a priority. One would hope it was not perceived as an obligation. But with illusion and pleasure, aware of how urgent it is to reduce the single use plastic that are polluting our planet.

It is therefore not surprising that Spain is still far from the European recycling average, still at 29% versus an average of 45%, with leading countries as Germany, with 66%, Holland and Belgium with 53%, Sweden 49% and Italy 45%. We are moving forward, but there is still a long way to go.

At Collartz, I am almost obsessed with supporting the talented creators of hand-made contemporary Jewelry created with sustainable materials such as rubber and water buffalo horn. In addition, I have created the Collartz Air line, made of recycled bicycles inner tubes. And I am also developing a line of Jewelry with recycled plastic from the sea. Wish me luck, because it is not a path of roses. But I will put all my effort towards it.

My professional career

I studied philology in Italy

I studied one year in Sweden

I worked in the Technical Service of Apple and Macromedia, in Edinburgh

I went to Madrid for love, and I set up a videogame magazine

I worked at the Microsoft Public Relations Agency

And I joined Microsoft, in the Communication and Product Management areas

I went around the world

And I funded Collartz by Lidia Pitzalis

My Passions


Since I can remember, have always loved and worn Necklaces. I am fascinated by the original and unique styles that make me feel special.


I love Yoga, especially Hot Yoga, as Bikram and Hot Vinyasa Flow. The benefits of stretching and breathing have changed my life.


Without music, I do not exist. I am keen on very different genres, especially Jazz, Funk, to name a few. To dance, until early morning, To play, with my beautiful blue electric bass guitar.


I combine my trips with volunteer experiences all over the world, sometimes with children,with gorillas, marine or jungle conservation. I love unexplored places, like Papua New Guinea.


I am passionate about Neurolinguistic Programming. I think we can lead the life that we want, modify habits that we wish to change, understand much better the others and, above all, ourselves. Behind of each behavior strategy, lies a positive intention Which is yours? Can satisfy it with other behavior better aligned with your values? I deeply believe that it is totally possible.
Collartz by Lidia Pitzalis Soffio di Vento Sardegna

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