Tosca Golden Necklace

Collartz presents the Long Tosca Necklace by Roberto Leonardi, made of sanded brass, golden silver…

Collartz presents the Tosca Long Golden Necklace. Created by Roberto Leonardi, an innovative Italian artist based in Austria who draws his inspiration both in the serene Mediterranean impulses and the bustle of Eastern countries. His  passion for color and different materials is reflected in these original Long Design Necklaces with an ethno-urban fashion style that combine lines of the old world with the clean lines of the new one.

The Long Tosca Necklace by Roberto Leonardi is made of sanded brass, golden silver plated, with a thin lacquer layer on top. It is a 55 cm long chain made of 28 square and rectangular elements skillfully combined. As versatile as most of Collartz Collection, the Long Free Necklace can be worn long, or double, in a symmetric or asymmetric fashion. Or, you can play with its closing ring and attach it to another element of the chain, leaving one end lose. As you can see, Tosca embodies all the attractiveness of the Leonardi Arte Collection. And will you will be even more attractive than even, when wearing it. Also available in the Silver and Oxidized version.


  • Made by Roberto Leonardi
  • Handmade
  • Style: Ethno-Urban
  • Feeling: Pure lines
  • Length: 55 cm
  • Material: Silver coated sanded Golden Brass
  • Adjustable: Yes
  • Gift Message: Yes

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