Wallaby S Necklace

Collartz presents the Wallaby s, a Long Design Black and White Necklace, handmade with love…

Collartz presents the Wallaby S Long Necklace by Roberto Leonardi. This innovative Italian artist draws his inspiration both in the serene Mediterranean impulses and the bustle of Eastern and Western urban cities. His passion for color and different materials is reflected in these original Long Design Necklaces with an ethno-urban fashion style that combine lines of the old world with the clean lines of the new one.

With maximum care and love, Roberto Leonardi has handmade the Wallaby S Collartz, a Long Design Black and White Necklace. Wallaby is made of a free of nickel alloy of cadmium and lead, lacquered with silver and black coats. Here you see the shorter version of the necklace, 47 cm long. We also offer a longer version of 51 cm. As the entire Collartz Collection, the versatile Wallaby S can be worn long or double, both tight and lose, playing with its black and white symmetries.


  • Made by Roberto Leonardi
  • Handmade
  • Style: Ethno-Urban
  • Feeling: Pure lines
  • Length: 47 cm
  • Material: Cadmium and Lead alloy nickel free
  • Adjustable: Yes.
  • Gift Message: Available

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